I wish I had a swing

in my garden, 2018


Is an participative installation and performance.

It consists of a Trans Media Brick, equipped with a videocamera, connected video glasses, headphones and a static seat.

A participant sits down, wearing the video glasses and headphones. The Operator then starts swinging the Trans Media Brick. The camera swings next to the participant and thereby enables him to view himself via video glasses and headphones. 

The resulting experience has an ambivalent character. The use of video glasses implicates a virtuell experience. Indeed the eyes and ears of the participant are right next to him and the recurring image of himself remind the participant of still being in the same room.  

The camera signal is exclusively send to the participant. Thereby expectations are increased and the relation between operator and participant is strengthened. Depending on the orientation of the camera, position of the participant and the surrounding conditions the character of the experience is changing.